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President, Emsco, Inc., Columbia Falls, ME, 1982-1997;

President, 1981-1985; Chairman, 1986-1993; Human Factors North, Inc., Toronto, Ontario;

Principal Scientific Consultant, Inst. for Safe Medication Practice, 1992-present;

President, 1996-present, 1200519 Ontario, Inc. Toronto

Instructor, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto 1997-present

Member, Board of Trustees; Inst. for Safe Medication Practice-Canada, Jan., 2000-present

Member, Task Force on Medication Error, Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1999-present


Listed:American Men and Women of Science (Physical Science)


Fellow:Amer.Assoc.for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
American Psychological Society (APS)
American Psychological Association (APA)
Human Factors & Ergonomics Society

Sen.Mem.:Inst. of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

Member:Canadian Association of Law Teachers
Human Factors Association of Canada
Psychonomic Society
Society for the History of Technology
Toxicological History Society

President:Soc. of Eng. Psych; Div. 21, APA, 1979-1980.
Chairman:Pr.Grp. Human Elect. IEEE 1965-1966.


Comm. on Bioastronautics, Nat.Res.Council, US 1959-1960;
Man-in-Space Comm., Space Science Board., NAS, US 1960-62;
Committee on Hearing, Bioacoustics, and Biomechanics,
Nat.Res.Council, US 1962-1980;
Committee on Vision, Nat.Res.Council, US 1970-1980;
Communications Committee; APA, 1970-1973;
Council of Representatives, APA, 1971-1974;
Highway Safety Committee, Highway Research Board,US 1965-1972;
Road User Characteristics Comm, Highway Res.Bd, US 1972-1980;
Industrial Engineering Grant Selection Committee,
Nat.Res.Council (Canada), 1974-1976; Chair, 1976-1977;
Advisory Board for Life Sciences Research, USAF Off.
Scientific.Research, 1985-1990
Consortium on Infusion Management Safety, Communicore 1992-1994


Member:Ergonomics in Design

Past Member:
Accident Analysis and Prevention;
Communication Technology Impact;
Computer Communications.
Computer Compacts.
International Journal of Man-Machine Studies;
Journal of General Psychology;
Journal of Research Communication Studies;
Organizational Behavior and Human Performance;


Automobile driver information processing
Computer-Human Interaction
Design of electronic publications systems
Design of safe medical devices
Human information processing
Human perceptual-motor skills
Models of visual monitoring behaviour
Nature and source of human error
Quantification of mental workload
User-Machine interaction


Technical:Human visual monitoring and control tasks;
The measurement of human workload;
Human error and reliability;
Computer based information systems; and generally,
Application of human factors/ergonomics, behavioural
science, statistics and man-machine systems analysis to
a variety of problems of vehicles, medical devices and
nuclear power plant control rooms.

Litigation and other actions arising from:
Infringement of trademarks, registered names, registered
marks, and other intellectual property.

Personal injury, product and warning design, workplace
safety, user-machine interaction, medical equipment
design problems and the like.

Injury and death as result of medication error,
confusion between names of pharmaceuticals,
and the like.

Issues of responsibility for accident, injury and loss
arising from human error.


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Tracking Performance on Combined Compensatory and Pursuit Tasks
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The Peripheral Viewing of Dials
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Man's Capacity to use Information from Complex Displays
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Manual Control and Display in Six Degrees of Freedom
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An Investigation of Visual Attention and Operator Workload Measurement
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Men and Computers
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On the Distribution of Attention in a Dynamic Environment
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A Queueing Model of Visual Sampling; Experimental Validation
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The Estimation of Operator Workload in Complex Systems
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The Retrieval of Phonetically Similar and Dissimilar Category Members
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A Skeptical Believer
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The Scientific Journal of the Future
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Axiomatic Models of Workload
PDF File [463.9 KB]
Is There a Cure for Human Error
PDF File [1.3 MB]
A matter of No Little Gravity
PDF File [575.0 KB]
Design Criteria for the Electronic Journal
PDF File [362.0 KB]
Providing a Sensory Basis for Models of Visual Information Acquisition
Adobe Acrobat document [3.7 MB]
Who is Master; Who Slave?",
PDF File [624.4 KB]
12 Ways to Prevent Medication Errors
PDF File [4.2 MB]
On the Evaluation of Warnings
PDF File [503.2 KB]
Detecting, Correcting and Interrupting Errors
PDF File [1.1 MB]
Identifying Design Deficiencies through Anaesthetic Incidents
PDF File [2.2 MB]

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